Naita is a polymer clay jewelry makes who focus in designg fashionable jewelry for people with sensitive skin

Hi, there! I'm Naita.

I like to bring the pleasure of styling fashionable to people with sensitive skin by offering on-trend jewelry free of harmful ingredients.

Being someone with sensitive skin myself helps me better understand the difficulties of finding jewelry in vogue that doesn’t hurt the skin. That’s why I’m focused on creating jewelry that not only looks good but that also feels good by only using premium components that are nickel-free, skin-friendly, and non-toxic.

And, if you like craftsmanship, you're in the right place. I’m obsessed with mastering finishes and techniques. I create the pieces by hand, one-by-one, in limited editions, and in small batches from my home-based shop in Miami, FL. Also, thanks to some colorist skills I gained in art school, you’ll find the jewelry colors at Naita are brand originals and formulated from scratch, making each piece extra special. 

I also aim to have a low environmental impact, and that’s the reason why I’m determined to have eco-friendly processes integrated into the core of the brand and to remove as much plastic from the environment as my business creates—helping to restore nature’s balance for a cleaner Earth.

Thank you for popping into my shop and I hope to ship some cute things to you soon!

Love, Naita

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