Jewelry gentle to the skin made in 925 sterling silver with 14k yellow gold plating

What Jewelry Is Hypoallergenic?

Reality is that hypoallergenic jewelry is a myth because everybody may be sensitive to different things.

Furthermore, there's a chance that if your skin has a reaction to jewelry, it means that your skin is allergic or is easily irritated by certain components in that piece of jewelry but not to all jewelry.

How to know if your jewelry is gentle to the skin?

The best way to understand what may be causing your skin to get that redness, flaking, maceration, or wetness, to name a few of the typical signs of sensibilization, is to stay alert of your skin behaviour when exposed to different metals and learn about the allergents that may be present in jewelry.

The most common allergent in jewelry is nickel and that's why everyone and their mom advice looking for nickel-free pieces when shoping jewelry for sensitive skin.

What is nickel?

Nickel is the most common allergen found in jewelry; it’s also used as an alloying agent to give jewelry strength without making them too heavy or brittle; this makes it resistant to tarnishing by oxygen exposure when worn regularly over time which makes it popular among customers who want sturdy pieces.

How to find nickel-free jewelry?

If you’ve got a nickel allergy, it can be hard (but not imposible) to find jewelry that won’t cause an allergic reaction. There are many ways to avoid nickel when you shop for a new piece of jewelry:

  • Look for items labeled “nickel-free sterling silver” or “nickel-free 14K gold.” These metals will have no traces of nickel at all, but still have the same look as regular plated pieces!

  • Make sure to check your own jewelry collection. Look for any items that might contain nickel—even if they aren't labeled as such! Nickel allergies can sometimes go unnoticed until symptoms start occurring months later (which is why it's important to always keep an eye out.)

  • Avoid cheap jewelry. Inexpensive jewelry is often high in nickel. If you have a nickel allergy, invest in pieces that will be kind to your skin and withstand the test of time is worthwhile.

Best jewelry for sensitive skin.

To start with, don't buy any jewelry made of white gold or platinum. These two types of gold contain nickel—a common allergen—and will trigger your nickel allergy symptoms if they come in contact with your skin.

A great alternative (but a expensive one) is titanium, as its alloys are aluminum and vanadium, not nickel. Another great choice in a top tier price is yellow gold because it doesn't contain any nickel at all.

If you're looking for the best value option, go for nickel-free sterling silver instead. It can be finished in the classic silver look or covered in a yellow gold plating.

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I hope you enjoyed these tips and found this information useful. Do you have any additional comments or questions about jewelry for sensitive skin? If so, please share them in the comments below.

Love, Naita

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