Complete Guide to Eco-Friendly Packaging for Polymer Clay Jewelry

Complete Guide to Eco-Friendly Packaging for Polymer Clay Jewelry

Packaging is a big deal to me. I'm always finding new ways to make it extra special. I think of it as a little box of surprises that makes you feel pampered and cared for.

But that's not all! I like researching materials and options to make it greener everyday. And because when I post about my packaging, I receive a lot of comments, I thought about making a complete guide to eco-friendly packaging for polymer clay jewelry in my blog.

The idea is that you could use it as a reference when navigating your way to a more conscious approach for your packaging.

So, keep reading to find the complete list (with links) of components I use in my packaging.

And before we start, please note that even though my packaging is not fully eco-friendly (yet), it's my plan to make it so as I get rid of the current inventory and components are re-stocked with a more conscious option.

In this blog post:

  1. Kraft Boxes
  2. Tissue Paper
  3. Jewelry Pouches
  4. Cardstock
  5. Gift Tags
  6. Cello Bags
  7. Poly Mailers
  8. Shipping Tape
  9. Labels
  10. A Little Something
  11. Ribbon and Twine
  12. Packaging Colors

Kraft Boxes

I use recyclable kraft boxes. Kraft paper degrades naturally within a few weeks, decomposing just like leaves that fall off a tree. It leaves no impact on the environment, and 100% of discarded kraft is recyclable, which makes it a great resource to make more kraft paper and boxes.

I use three sizes of boxes. Small to fit 1-3 items, medium to fit 4-6 items, and large to fit up to 10 items. You'll see that the base is the same size so I can still use all my labes and inserts for all of them.

There's a special box size that I use when I receive orders with multiple gifts because I pack each gift in a separate small box and they still need protection during the shipment:

For branding the boxes, I silkscreen them with non-toxic chalk black paint. The paint I use doesn't have harsh chemicals such as phthalates, formaldehyde, heavy metals, or solvents; it is ultra-low VOC, has a low odor, and is certified safe as per European Toy Safety Standards.

When branding your shipping box, you should ensure that whatever you're using is eco-friendly so you can preserve the kraft's biodegradable/recyclable properties.

Tissue Paper

Tissue paper is compostable, as long as is acid-free and doesn't have any synthetic coating, glitter, or foil. It's considered biodegradable as it can be broken down naturally by micro-organisms such as bacteria. Many people repurpose it for composting because it's good at absorbing odors.

I found an acid-free tissue on Amazon paper that is also made from recycled material, which I consider a plus. It comes in sheets of 15x20" that I cut to get 4 strips from each. I use 2 strips per box.

Jewelry Pouches

As jewelry pouches I use drawstring muslin cotton bags. These are made from natural unbleached cotton muslin, non-toxic, safe to use, soft, durable, reusable, and chemical & fragrance-free.

The bags measure 2.75x4" and I find that size good enough to fit my earrings (I don't make them extra large.) I add a bag per item to each packaging.

I add my brand logo to the bags using my Cricut and Smart Iron-On Vinyl, but, that's something that I will eventually be changing with a stamp and vegan ink.


I use 100% recycled 80 lb cover paper for all my cardstock needs from the Cardstock Warehouse Paper Company.

I get it letter size and print all my jewelry display cards and box inner cards in a black and white laser printer. They sell on Amazon, but you can get more color choices and larger bulks when buying on their website. I leave you the links for both options:

I design the jewelry cards using Canva and print 2 sheets (front and back) and then glue them with 3M Super 77 Spray Glue to get a robust jewelry card. I find this final thickness more appealing than using 100 lb cardstock.

Gift tags

I found the best option for a high quality eco-friendly gift tag at Michael's Stores within their brand Recollections. These are made of kraft paper with reinforced hole.

Cello Bags

I need clear cello bags for 2 reasons: 

  1. To keep the jewelry safe from scratching when stored in the inventory boxes
  2. To find the item fast when I'm fulfilling orders. 

For this, so far, I've used these regular cello bags:

But as expected, I need a replacement. I recently found Elevate Packaging, which is a packaging brand that creates eco-friendly brand experiences with recycled, compostable, and recycle-friendly packaging.

Well, guess what? They offer clear small biodegradable cello bags that work perfectly for keeping your earrings safe from scratching:

    Poly Mailers

    I use a poly mailer to protect gift boxes during the shipping. Currently I'm using this cute pink poly mailer:

    However, this poly mailer isn't biodegradable and I still have some in inventory, but as soon I finish with it I will be changing to these compostable poly mailers from Elevate Packaging:

    Shipping Tape

    Similar to the shipping boxes, I prefer using kraft here. I get a water-activated, reinforced, eco-friendly, and recyclable kraft tape on Amazon that allows me to ship everything safe and sound.


    On-Brand Labels

    I make my on labels using my printer and some labels that I bought on amazon to try out. I'm currently using two types of labels: white for ready-to-ship boxes and clear to close the gift boxes before making the bow. I use Canva for designing them and I'm still trying out some designs. Once I get the final design I'm planning to print them in a printing service that offers biodegradable alternatives.

    Shipping Labels

    A replacement for the shipping labels has been one of the most difficult components to find. I'm currently using the last ones from my regular shipping labels, but I already have the eco-friendly replacement from Elevate Packaging.

    These shipping labels are compostable and bio-based. I don't have a Rollo printer (yet), so I use them half sheet, letter size, for laser printer. They have other presentations if you need to.

    The Little Something

    One of the things I love the most is creating a wonderful customer experience, so from the beginning, I was on the lookout for something cute and unexpected.

    So, one day I found a deal for some cute pop-open cards that I'm still using:

    This was before moving to eco-friendly packaging. So, even though I love these cards because they have the most gorgeous messages and pop (lol), I don't love that they aren't made of recyclable materials. Because of that, I'm planning to substituting them with something more gentle to the environment once I run out of inventory.

    Ribbon and Twine


    To make the packaging feel like a little box of surprises, I tie everything inside with a natural cotton cord. It makes the packaging look extra special.


    I'm guilty here. I just can't find a cute replacement for this satin ribbon, but I'm still on the watch! Can you think of any?

      Packaging Colors

      Finally, I like to keep an earth tone look in the packaging and that's why you see many of the elements are in a neutral color range.

      This wasn't my first choice, but I moved to it after understanding that it's easier to get the perception from the customer that the packaging is eco-friendly when you design it in neutral hues.


      I hope you enjoyed these tips and found this information useful. Do you have any additional comments or questions about eco-friendly packaging for polymer clay jewelry? If so, please share them in the comments below.

      Love, Naita


      PS. I make commission on some of the links posted here.


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